A Statement.

Save the Wolves, Save the Earth

All week I’ve been reading the news with growing horror. Every day it’s worse and worse.

Two months ago, the United States voting public freely elected a proto-fascist, isolationist plutocrat with no relevant experience to the presidency. (That was bad enough.) Now, in the eight days since taking office, President Trump has already set into motion so many appalling policies, signaled approval of so many appalling positions, and made so many appalling appointments that it’s hard to even know what to be most upset about.

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What’s Good This Month: December 2016

Wow, December 31 already and I’m still having to stop myself writing 2015 for the date… It feels like 2016 went by really quickly–which is probably good; enough terrible things happened this year that we don’t really need it to go on any longer.

The last two months of this year, my regular routines got a bit derailed due to both holiday excitement and our national calamity (much less exciting), but I did still read a few books.

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This Writing Contest is Kind of Cool

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid very much attention to any writing contests, because most of them charge quite a bit of money to enter, and most of them are meant for short stories, and I realized a while ago that I don’t really like short stories. But this contest is for super-short stories (also known as flash fiction), which I do sometimes enjoy, and there’s no entry fee.

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