We Have A Cover!

I’m home sick today–my boss took one look at me this morning and just said, “Why don’t you go home?”–so I’m writing this a bit earlier than I might have otherwise.

By “writing this a bit earlier,” I actually mean something more like “actually am writing this, because I might not ever have.” It’s weird starting a new blog–especially a blog that’s supposed to form the base of your author platform, and especially when you’re fairly confident that the only person who might be reading at this time is your mom. It also feels a bit anticlimactic to do a cover reveal post when that cover is already visible all over the website and everywhere else online that the book is available. (And when your mom has already seen it.)

Anyway, though.

If you were one of the few people who managed to visit this site during (what was supposed to be) the soft launch, you may think you’ve already seen the cover. No, actually–that was the dummy cover. Admittedly, the new cover is fairly similar, especially in overall composition–from a distance, or at a very small size, you might not be able to immediately tell them apart. The main difference is that the dummy cover looked like it was done in Microsoft Paint, and the new cover, hopefully, does not.

Oh, you want to see it? Eh, voila:
3d coverVaguely Seussian, but I’m pretty happy with it, actually.

If you’d like your own full-size printed version of the cover (and also the 94,000 words written in between) you can pre-order a copy of Weeks and Days here. It’ll be out officially on April 6, which is… wow, getting closer. Stay tuned.

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