Ebook Sale!

25% Off Weeks and Days ebookThis one’s exactly what it says on the tin: the ebook version of Weeks and Days is on sale, currently 25% off at Smashwords. You’ll need to enter the code SSW25 to get the discount, but since it’s part of Smashwords’ big annual ebook sale, I’m under the impression that you’ll be prompted (or at least reminded at some point) to do so. Smashwords offers ebooks in various formats (including, yes, whatever it is that’s used by Kindle) so if reading digitally is your thing, check it out here. The sale runs through July 31.

That–reading digitally–brings me to something I’ve been wondering: do you read ebooks? And, if so, do you prefer ebooks to print, or only read ebooks when print isn’t available, or have no preference, or something else? I’ve heard the many pros and cons of each, but when it comes down to deciding, what do you actually choose to do?


I Lied. This Is the Real Cover.

Maybe you remember the Weeks and Days cover reveal post I did a couple months ago. Maybe you could tell I wasn’t super excited. (“Eh, voila,” anyone?) I’ll admit it now: I wasn’t.

I’ve been iffy about that cover for a long time. It was serviceable; it could’ve been worse–but those aren’t exactly ringing endorsements. I never really liked it. A few days after I got my last proof copy back from the printer, I realized that I hated it so much I was already fantasizing about re-releasing a new edition with a re-designed cover–and the first edition hadn’t even come out yet.

So: re-designed cover. Yay!

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Weeks And Days: Excerpt Number Two

We’re now two weeks from the release date so, as promised, here’s another brief excerpt from Weeks and Days. (If you haven’t read the first excerpt yet, it’s here.) This part happens pretty early on–I didn’t want to throw something at you totally without context, and I also didn’t want to give too much away.

Also, keep in mind that I’ve taken this chunk right out of the middle of a section (which is why it begins and ends kind of abruptly). I hope it still reads okay–and I hope you enjoy it!

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Weeks and Days: An Excerpt

So. A month from today–April 6–is the official Weeks and Days release date, which is… honestly, I think it hasn’t really sunk in yet. That this is happening. Soon.

Regardless, the book comes out in a month, and in recognition of that, I wanted to give you a small sample of the contents. Weeks and Days doesn’t have chapters, but if it did, this would be the first chapter (or chapters, or partial chapter, depending on how long they were). Call it a teaser, call it a free sample, call it whatever you like; here’s the first part of Weeks and Days.

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We Have A Cover!

I’m home sick today–my boss took one look at me this morning and just said, “Why don’t you go home?”–so I’m writing this a bit earlier than I might have otherwise.

By “writing this a bit earlier,” I actually mean something more like “actually¬†am writing this, because I might not ever have.” It’s weird starting a new blog–especially a blog that’s supposed to form the base of your author platform, and especially when you’re fairly confident that the only person who might be reading at this time is your mom. It also feels a bit anticlimactic to do a cover reveal post when that cover is already visible all over the website and everywhere else online that the book is available. (And when your mom has already seen it.)

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